Highland Dancing

Highland Dancing

If you are in P3 or above you can join Highland Dancing Classes every Tuesday after school. There are three classes at different stages.

Class Times:
Beginners :      3.30 – 4.10
Improvers:      4.10 – 4.50
Intermediate:   4.50 – 5.30

Highland Dance Beginners:
Enjoy the energetic, rhythmic steps of our country’s national dances. Miss Veronica will teach you the way to enjoy all the swirling sounds of not just the bagpipes, but all the great up-tempo music Scotland has to Offer.

The classes are energetic, fast and introduce a higher standard of Highland dance steps. Enjoy learning our national hornpipes and jigs.

The highland dancing teacher is Veronica Jackson who teaches not just at Roseburn, but other schools too. The main steps you learn in Highland are the Fling and the Sword, but further on you learn the Hullichan and other steps. Everybody really enjoys Highland and we are glad we do it!!!

Teacher: Veronica T Jackson A.R.A.D. U.K.A. H.N.D. in Public Art
Tel. 0131 334 3413
Mob. 07748084451

Email:  artpointvj@hotmail.co.uk

Other classes are held at:
Craigmount High School & Cramond Kirk Hall

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