Primary 7 to S1 Transition

Transition Tuesdays

P7 pupils engage in Transition Tuesdays in class. These activities are based on Transition to Craigmount High School, however, the key themes are appropriate for all p7 learners. The activities are shared and discussed in class, overviews and activities are on their class team and the Transition P7 Team for their local comprehensive High School. The Transition Tuesday activities will be added each week.


We work closely with Craigmount High School (CHS) throughout the year to support an effective transition to S1. Our Principal Teacher, Jacqui Gardner (P5-7), liaises with pupils and parents to support a smooth induction and start to secondary school.

Roseburn Primary is one of four primary schools which feed into Craigmount High School, along with Corstorphine Primary, East Craig’s Primary, Fox Covert Primary, and Hillwood Primary.

Pupil Support Staff, Support for Learning Staff and Subject Leaders at CHS work closely with the Principal Teacher, Primary 7 teacher(s) and the Support for Learning teacher to ensure clear information on progress, attainment and needs is supporting our learners make a positive and successful transition from P7 to S1.


The City of Edinburgh is divided into catchment areas. Every household in Edinburgh has a catchment area associated with it, where you would be given priority admission (with the exception of Gaelic education provision).

P7 Transition to High School Session 2021-22

Transition Letter from Craigmount High School (for August 22)

Parent Information Event Powerpoint October 2021

Week 4 P7 Transition Activity
Support Networks
What are we learning? To identify people who support me.
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Week 3 P7 Transition Activity
Hopes and Dreams
Welcome to the third Primary 7 Transition Sway from the City of Edinburgh Council. This week’s theme is Hopes and Dreams.
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Week 2 P7 Transition Activity
CH- CH- CH- CH- Changes!
The transition from Primary to Secondary school is an important and exciting rite of passage. It can feel like a lot of things are going to change and to be honest, that’s true!
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Week 1 P7 Transition Activity
Being Brave
Welcome to the first Primary 7 Transition Sway from the City of Edinburgh Council! Each week, we will be delivering a new Sway with a new focus to prepare Primary 7 pupils for high school. …
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Virtual P7 Transition Parent/Carer Information Evening

Below is a virtual transition presentation to provide information to parent/carers of P7 students who will be attending Craigmount High School in August 2021.

P7 High School Transition Session 2020-21

“Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to know when to ask for it.”

Moving on Up

Moving from P7 to S1 is normally a time of great excitement for children and their families. However, we know it can also be a worrying time as children move from familiar people and surroundings to new settings. We may worry about how they will cope and settle.
COVID-19 has suddenly presented new challenges, the likes of which we would never have considered possible. We understand that, for children and families due to leave their setting or school, it will undoubtedly be a particularly uncertain time. Staff from both primary and secondary schools have been considering how to do things differently this year.

Building Resilience Programme

Throughout their time at Primary School, our P7s will have learned about Building Resilience, through the character Skipper, and the tools we need for coping with the ups and downs of life. As they leave primary school, they will be leaving Skipper behind, however the important thing to realise is that they will be taking the tools they have learned in their time at primary with them as they go off to secondary school.

Resilience is a key factor in protecting and promoting good mental health. While we can’t always predict what life throws at us, the good news is there are a range of different skills, strategies and resources that can help us to cope. Our P7s will be familiar with the ten things that help us to navigate the river of life and support the development of resilience.

‘Moving on Up’ Transition Project

The annual three-day P7 transition visits will be happening virtually this year. We want all P7 pupils across the city to feel unique and special so the Building Resilience Team have put together a city-wide project to welcome the class of 2021! This will take place virtually on the planned three-day high school visits on 15-17 June ’21. We will provide you with details of the activities P7 will engage with, at Roseburn Primary and virtually at Craigmount High School.

Over the 3-days, pupils will be focusing on:

  • Where is my journey taking me?
  • How do I feel about the journey?
  • What tools do I have to help me?

Pupil Activities Pack

Attached is the pack of activities for pupils to complete over the 3 days. The activities in this pack are designed for pupils to be able to do on their own, with peers both in and out of school.

Talk it Over

Can you share with your P7 an example of when you started high school? How did you feel? Who or what helped you to get through it?

Further Information

Further information can be found on the ‘Moving on Up’ website


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