Roseburn Primary School first opened its doors in 1894 when its near neighbour, the Murrayfield Rugby Stadium, was still a polo field. It has long been a centre point of the Roseburn community and is proud of its history. The school is part of the City of Edinburgh Council Children and Families Department and since it first opened it has welcomed boys and girls of all faiths and backgrounds.

The main school building is a traditional stone structure with four classrooms downstairs and five classrooms upstairs. It is fully adapted for disabled access to the ground floor and offers the very best of modern facilities throughout.

Two additional classrooms are housed in a unit in the playground and a self-contained Nursery sits to the side of the main building.

The school boasts a well-stocked modern library, a gym, a computer suite with PCs; interactive whiteboards and computers in every classroom (with internet/ WiFi access); a resource room, lunch hall and dining room.

At present the school role is around 290, split into two nursery classes for 3 and 4 year olds and eleven classes ranging from Primary 1 to Primary 7.

Occasionally, some of the classes at Roseburn are composite classes such as our present P1/2. This means that the class includes the oldest children of the younger stage and the youngest children of the older stage. Composite classes are common throughout Scotland and are formed when there are too few or too many children within an educational year to form complete, single year classes.

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