Improvement Plans & Standards and Quality Reports

These documents outline the progress made in developing the school and nursery and our plans for improvement for the following session. For session 2020-21 The School Recovery Plan details the plans for the year. This is currently in a draft format.

Roseburn Standards and Quality Report June 21, with our School Renewal Plan for 2021-22

Our Standards and Quality Reports for session 2019-20 can be found here.

ROSEBURN Nursery Class SIP 2019.20

To download a copy click the link below for the School Improvement Plan for Roseburn School and Nursery for session 2019-20

Website ROSEBURN School Improvement Plan 2019-20

Here are the links to Roseburn Primary and Nursery Class  Standard and Quality Report for session 2018-19

ROSE SQ Nursery Class 2018-19

ROSE School SQ 2018-19

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