Religious Observance 2018-2019

At Roseburn we believe that parents are responsible for the development of faith or beliefs of their child. Here at school, the major world religions are studied and compared. Pupils are encouraged to explore the natural world, relationships, moral values and ‘ultimate questions’.

Whole school assemblies are held once a week where we celebrate the success of our pupils. Individual classes give presentations on class curricular topics and outside agencies, eg. ‘NSPCC’, Earthcalling address the children on pertinent issues.

Religious Observance complements our RME curriculum. We have identified some school assemblies throughout the year some of which will be jointly delivered with the minister from Murrayfield Parish Church, Keith Graham.

Classes may have visits to places of worship over the course of the year which are linked to the RME work of the class. In addition, our Primary 4 Christmas service, our Primary 7 Remembrance service and our Primary 7 Leaver’s service are all held in Murrayfield Parish Church.

These arrangements embrace the wide cultural differences which we are privileged to have in our school population, however parents have the right for their child to be withdrawn from Religious Observance and should consult the Head Teacher if they wish to do so and alternative arrangements will be made.

Religious-Observance-Policy 18.19