P4M Update

Welcome to the second term!

We hope you got a copy of our curriculum leaflet.

The children have started to look at poems this term and managed to add two new verses to a poem. They have also started our Time project and have made a calendar which has all out important dates that we need to know about. They have also added any activities they do, birthdays and, of course, the holidays! We will be working on analogue and digital time, and different ways that time can be measured.

We had a visit from the Royal Scottish National Orchetra. They came in with a double bass which the children could feel the vibrations through the floor. They then had to make up a piece of music representing a hero and a villain. This is the theme of the performance that we are going to see on the 27 November.

We are also looking forward to a visit from the charity called ONE. They will be telling us about refugees in Scotland.

The class are really enjoying their swimming lessons and are learning how to stop water going up their noses by humming! They are also learning to float on their backs and tread water.

We will have a busy term with Christmas performance, Christmas Fair and singing at places within our local community. The children have already started to plan the event and think of songs.

If you have any questions then please get in touch.

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