Refugee workshop P4F

Today (Monday 20 November) we had a visit from 2 ladies from ONE.

ONE is an organisation that works with refugees in Scotland. They help them find accommodation and to settle in when they arrive.

In our workshop we had to answer some questions about refugees such as how many refugees are there in the world and what is a refugee.

Here are some facts we found out:

  • Lots of refugees arrive in Scotland with only the clothes they are wearing (Lara)
  • Refugees are people who had to leave their own country because they were forced to leave or didn’t feel safe (Dominic)
  • Some refugees had to leave family members behind because they were not well enough to make the journey (Isabella)
  • Some of the refugees have been using cartoons to help them learn English (Imogen)
  • There are approximately 65 million refugees in the world (Caleb)
  • Some refugees live in tents (Dakota)
  • Lots of refugees have had to leave all possessions behind and don’t have much money (Mairi)
  • Some refugees try to get to safety on boats, but they are often overcrowded. (Sahana)
  • The owners of the boats charge the refugees to travel and try to get as many people on the boat as possible (Alfie)
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