P4 Orchestra Trip

The P4s had their trip to the Usher Hall today to see the RSNO. We thought it was a really really good show! Here are some of our comments about it:

Sahana & Lucia – We liked it when a boy was conducting.

Imogen – I liked it when they played Darth Vader’s theme song

Euan & Robbie – Our favourite part was when Darth Vader came in.

Kieren – I liked it when we saw a video of Darth Vader in the coffee shop.

Mairi – I really liked the music that the orchestra played.

Arran & Jack – We liked it when they played Minecraft with the music.

Jennifer – I liked when you got to imagine a story that went with the music.

Finn – I liked it when Holly (the conductor) ran away to avoid being shot by the bow and arrow.

Kyle – I liked the music of the haunted mountain.

Lara – I thought it was really funny when Tom gave Holly the apple to shoot off her head.

Harry – I liked the colours on the screen while the music was playing.

Caleb – I liked it when they played the music from the Magic Flute.

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