Fabulous Farm Fun

To link together our animal classification and community topics, Primary 2 visited Gorgie City Farm. We looked at the different animals to decide if they were mammals, birds or reptiles. We also thought about the different activities we can do in the local community.

Here are our some of our highlights:

I liked the lambs because they were climbing up on the wall and because one of the lambs was trying to get the milk from the mummy (Charlize).

My favourite was the lambs because they were cute (Laila).

I liked the pigs as my favourite because they were so cute (Finn).

My favourite part was the park because it was fun and we got to play (Aoife).

The park with the spinny thing was the best because it spins you (Aroon).

I liked the park because there was a big slide and it was really fun (Isla K).

We liked the playpark because it was fun because I kept going into the little hut to because it was my base (Harrison).

My favourite animals were the chickens because they were clucky  and funny (Xander).

I liked the cows (Thomas).

I liked the goats because I liked their horns (Halden).

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