Roseburn’s Dancing Penguins

FAEBE341-BCB2-48AE-82CB-E0FCAAF23760As part of Enterprise Week, our class, along with P2/3, decided to update the Christmas song  ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’. We talked about the different roles required to write and release a song, as well as the difficulty with copywrite. Luckily, this song could not be traced and so we were free to do our own cover!

After brainstorming lots of ideas for our band’s name, we voted for Roseburn’s Dancing Penguins! Once we knew who we were as a band, we signed up for one of the production groups with some lyricists, musicians and advertisers. Within each role, we identified our goals and got to work!

In our different roles we managed to write 4 new verses, learned to play the tune on many different instruments and each of us got to design our own album artwork with Mrs Denvir. We also created a heart-warming advert with Mrs Clarke, along with many penguin posters to try to sell our song. While we were at the museum, we even got some free advertising by performing our song to the staff and visitors.

After lots of practice, it was time for recording. We were very lucky to have sound designers come in to school to work with us and record our beautiful singing and playing to then make the track.

Once the song was finished editing, it was time for the final step, production. After our teachers uploaded the song online, we got the album artwork ready and made some Christmas merchandise. We were finally ready to sell our single at the Christmas Fair!

We had so much fun learning what was involved in creating and releasing a single! It was a big job, but we managed it through working together, successfully making over £100 profit for the school!

Thank you again to everyone who was involved! What a great enterprise it was!

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