P4 F March update

We have been learning how to code in our Topic work. We have been using Tynker on the Ipads and we had to tell the dragon what to do. We gave the dragon instructions and we tried it to see if it would work with correctly. We have been learning about bugs (this is when something goes wrong, or our instructions are not correct). We have also been learning about loops which is when an instruction repeats itself.

Today we visited the Apple Store in Princes Street. We learned about  which is a ball-shaped robot that you can program to move about. You can change the colour of the light inside, fade the light, and put different light effect on it. We also worked in partners. One of us was the coder and the other was the robot. We had to give instructions to our partner to get them to the finish point. We learned about an Ipad app called Swift Playground. We had to use our coding skills to move the character around the maze. This is a free app that can be downloaded to help children with their coding.

In our Maths work we have been learning about chance and uncertainty. We have been playing a lot of probability games. We are getting really good at predicting things that match a word (Impossible, Possible, Sometimes, Not very likely etc).   We have also been working on our times tables and we are trying to improve the speed of our tables.

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