P4F Class update – June

Home Learning – There will be no further home learning grids for this term. Spelling will continue as normal until the end of next week (22nd June)

Workshop – Both P4 classes have been offered a free workshop from Heriot Watt University. The workshop is called Women in engineering and will take place on Wednesday 20th June. The workshops will include activities such as fluids and rocks ; students will get familiarised with the concepts of porosity (pore space within porous material) and permeability (ability of porous material to allow fluid to pass through it) as well as with the concepts of capillary action (ability of a fluid to flow along the pores against an opposing force such as gravity).  Also a building challenge: pupils will compete within their class to build the highest tower able to support chocolate coins/the strongest bridge. After the building phase during which pupils have the chance to interact with engineers and get help all structures will be tested to destruction.

Topic – We are learning about climates. We have been watching a Planet Earth DVD about deserts. We had to take notes while watching the film, and then had to write our own factual report about desert climates. When these are completed, we are going to share our learning with P4M and they will share what they have learned about the rainforest climate

Maths – In our money work we have been doing party planning and wedding planning. We had to work out how much it would cost, how to stay within a budget and practice our adding/multiplying skills to work out the answers.

Health Week – We really enjoyed some of the activities for health week. We walked a mile nearly every day, we did a drumming workshop, we had a sing-a-long in the hall, we took part in an “Emotion Works” workshop, had a session with Lachlan from Murrayfield Wanderers rugby and we did wake up/shake up.

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