P1/2 Update

By: Max L

We had an alien crash landing on the P1/2 whiteboard and it couldn’t breathe oxygen. He sent us a letter and we made him some friends, with the help of Miss Calderon. We designed planets for the alien to go to with his friends, thinking about the landscape. We used describing words, when writing sentences about our planets, like “scary” and “dangerous”. There were volcanoes on my planet. 

Jessica’s Mum came in to speak to us about her work at a bank, as part of Financial Education Week. She brought in different things, like a toy till, to help us understand how banks and money work.


Last Friday, we had a sharing assembly about our work on our weather and season topics, where we invited our parents and little brothers or sisters to come into our classroom. We sang a song about weather and told a story called The Little Raindrop, using a story map and actions to help us remember. We also shared our writing jotters. 


On Friday, it was Miss Calderon’s last day and she went back to university. We made her a good luck card and everyone wrote their names on it.

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