Rights Respecting Schools

Roseburn is a Rights Respecting School.

We were awarded our Bronze Rights Committed in January 2019.

Each year, each class from p3-p7 elects a Rights Respecter. They meet regularly to update the Silver Action Plan and agree next steps.

Our Rights Respecters for session 2019-20 are:

At Roseburn we have Class Charters to help us learn about Children’s Rights. Our Rights Respecters are working together to create our Playground Charter. These charters help us to make sure everyone knows their Rights and can enjoy these Rights together.

When we create Charters for our school we explore the UNCRC and all of the Rights within it. We then think about what we can do (children and adults) to help everyone enjoy these Rights – our ‘Rights Respecting actions’.

Charters are a powerful way of learning about the importance of Children’s Rights, what these are and why they are so important.Role of the Rights Respecting Team

  • To make sure everybody’s rights are protected in school. and remind them what their rights are. 
  • Help with local community and global fund raising. 
  • Share the rights of the child at assemblies and ROM. 
  • Display the article of the month (ROM) around the school.

This month’s ROM is Article 19

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