P7 Learning

Hi P7. I am so pleased that so many of you have already engaged in our Teams chat. I will speak to you every day during the school term to check how you are getting on.

I have uploaded some documents on here which you should also have in your packs to help with your learning. You should try to do some Maths, Literacy and half an hour of reading each day. You should also remember to exercise and be creative. You could do some art, music, drama or dance. You could write that story you’ve always wanted to. You could start a project to learn about something that interests you e.g. a favourite animal, a famous person, a country, the list is endless.

It would also be great to write a diary, recording your feelings in the days ahead. We are living in history in the making and you could have a record of this to share when it is all over.

Please don’t try to recreate school at home. This is not about following a school timetable and replicating school conditions. This is an opportunity for you to practise being independent learners, taking responsibility for your own learning. Learn new skills and try to help those around you as we face some very challenging times ahead.

Look after each other and remember to always be kind.

Mrs Reid

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