Working from Home

Hi P7. I am so pleased to see so many of you have already been using Teams this morning. I will send you a message each morning during term time with suggestions of what to do.

Please do not try to replicate school in your homes. I don’t expect this from anyone. I would like you all to do some Maths, Literacy and half an hour of reading each day. You could then do something creative like some art, drama, music or dance. You could also begin work on a project about something that interests you. This could be an animal, famous person, country or anything else. Use this opportunity to become independent learners, a skill you will need for High School and beyond. Write that book you’ve always wanted to. Keep a diary of events over the next while. We are in living history and someone may want to read your diary in years to come. Just look at Anne Frank!

Remember to make sure you try to get fresh air and exercise each day too. That’s really important. Be helpful at home and learn a new skill. There will be prizes for this! And just remember to be kind as everyone is going through these tough times together.

Mrs Reid

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