Wednesday 25th March

Good morning P4,

Another day, another couple of learning activities to keep those P4 brains working! 


So far this week, you have been adding up to 3 digit numbers and then using your adding skills to find the missing number.

Today, let’s use those addition skills to solve some maths problems. Try the ‘Wednesday Workout’ in your maths problem solving booklets. This booklet is in your home learning packs. 

I have also attached an addition pyramids worksheet at the bottom of this post. There are three different levels of difficulty and the answers are attached too (no peeking!).

The two numbers below a box add to make the number above. You do not need to print this worksheet to complete it! You can simply work out the answers and write these answers in your jotter or on your whiteboard!


Wednesday is writing day! Today, let’s focus on planning a piece of writing – a scene from a play script. Decide where the scene will be set, which characters you will include and decide what will happen in the scene. Maybe you could use a mind map to plan your piece of writing?

Remember, it is okay to borrow an idea from one of your favourite books or films! Tomorrow I’ll upload a model text to help you to write your play script.

Remember – be kind to yourself and make time to do lots of fun things too! Play a game, draw a picture and get some fresh air! Addition pyramids

Take care,

Miss Prentice




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