Thursday 26th March – ERIC

Each week, P4/5 and P5 complete an ERIC task.  ERIC stands for Explanation, Retrieval, Interpretation and Choice and is a task that is designed to develop comprehension and understanding through 4 key questions.  The questions could be based on several different types of source, for example a poem/short story, picture or a video.

This week we have uploaded a picture task.  In your literacy jotters, answer the 4 questions and remember to provide evidence and reasoning to support your answer.  P4/5 have, in particular, been practising how to answer these questions using full sentences.

Annotation 2020-03-26 135747

If you complete this task and would like a challenge, try to find a different source (again, a video, picture, poem or short story) and create your own 4 ERIC questions for someone to answer at home!

Mr Carson and Mrs Scott

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