Thursday 26th March

Good morning everyone!

I hope that your learning packs and website updates are helping you to continue your learning at home. Most importantly though, I hope you are all well and are making time to relax, have fun and help out around the house!

Here is some intended learning for today and some tasks to support your learning.


You must all now be amazing at adding numbers after all the practice this week! Today, let’s practise adding different amounts of money. We learned this skill before Christmas! You may remember us adding together how much Molly, Walton and Spider Lady’s Christmas presents would cost me!

Here is an example:

£1.46 + £3.73

  1. Firstly, let’s add the pounds together: £1 + £3 = £4
  2. Now, let’s add the pence together: 46p + 73p = 119p
  3. We then need to change 119p into pounds and pence. To do this, we need to remember that there are 100p in £1 so 119p = £1.19
  4. Now add together £4 and £1.19 = £5.19

If this is too tricky, begin by just adding pennies together and using a number line to help you. For example, 36p + 43p. If you’re up for a challenge, why not add larger amounts of money together or add more than two amounts together?

I’ve attached some items I would quite like to buy at the shops just now! Try adding two of the costs together.



Yesterday, I suggested planning a scene for a play script. Today’s task is to write the scene! We have been working on play scripts in class and we agreed on the things a play script needs to be successful.

These included:

          A description of the setting

          A narrator to set the scene for the audience

          Speaker’s name on the left and a colon after their name

          Take a new line for each speaker

          Stage directions are in brackets

I have attached the model text, a scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, to help you.

Model text

Missing you all,

Miss Prentice

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