Friday 27th March

Good morning P4/5!  Last week we spent some of our maths lessons practising our times stables, and applying these to help multiply 2 and 3 digit numbers together using written and mental strategies.

We have looked at ways for learning your tables quickly (for example, using the 2x table to work out the 4x and 8x tables).  Can you remember what these rules and patterns are, and could you explain them to someone at home?

The website is a great resource for practising your times tables.  Use it to help learn tables you still find a bit tricky, and work on being able to recall multiplication facts with speed and accuracy.

If you feel confident with all your tables, then you can practice multiplying larger numbers using the questions below:

Annotation 2020-03-27 103804

You can also use the Math Aids website to set your own questions for extra practice.

Remember you can share your work with the school twitter… @roseburnPS

Have a great day!

Mr Carson

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