Friday 27th March

Good morning and a very happy Friday to you all. Only half a day to go and you will have officially completed your first week of P4 from home! Give yourself and your new teacher a big pat on the back!

I hope this week has been a success and you have earned some Golden Time today! I have bought a new game called, ‘Okay Play’ and it’s very similar to Connect 4. Hopefully my extra training during self-isolation will ensure I am still Primary 4 Connect 4 Champion on our return to school!

Anyway, best do some learning before Golden Time. Here is some maths and literacy learning to keep those brains working today!


Yesterday, you worked on adding different amounts of money together. Hopefully you managed to work out how much my essentials would cost! Today, we will work on calculating change. This is such an important life skill and one you can use to check you have been given the correct change in a shop!

We use number lines to calculate the change and we jump from how much we have spent to how much we have paid with. I have attached a picture of this strategy as it’s a little too tricky for me to type an explanation. Some children may be able to calculate the change using only two jumps instead of three! Some children may wish to do more than three jumps!

I have attached an activity to practise calculating change. Choose either change from £1 and £2 or the £5 and £10 sheet – I wouldn’t expect the children to do both! Again, there is no pressure to print these out to complete them – working in your jotter or whiteboard is absolutely fine!

Calculating change

Change from £1 and £2

Change from £5 and £10



I hope you enjoyed writing and sharing your play scripts yesterday! I wonder if anyone performed their play to their family or maybe some of you put on a puppet show?

We are going to finish this week with a reading activity. You should be reading for fun every day and enjoying books, comics, fact files etc! Reading is very beneficial for your learning but it’s also a relaxing activity that you can do independently!

Use the question fans in your home learning packs to create 3 questions about a text you have read recently. If someone can help, discuss your answers with them. If everyone is a little busy, try writing the answers to each question down. Remember to answer in sentences and give a reason if it’s appropriate!


I’d imagine your weekend may be a little different to usual – I know mine will be. Some of you may even get to enjoy a long lie for the first time in a while! Enjoy spending time with your family and here’s hoping we get some sunshine to enjoy during our daily exercise! Stay safe and I’ll be in touch on Monday.

Miss Prentice

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