Monday 30th March

Monday morning – everyone’s favourite time of the week! I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and you and your new teachers enjoyed a well earned rest!

Here are your intended learning and activities for maths and literacy for today. Keep trying your best!


On Friday, you used number lines to calculate change from either £1, £2, £5 or £10. Today, we’re going to continue practising this skill whilst also using coins to give an exact amount. There are a few activities to choose from today.

Option 1

If you have a device, go onto the Topmarks website and click on the Toy Shop Money Game.

Once on the game, you can make it easier or more difficult depending on how confident you are feeling. I would recommend that you all try using mixed coins to give change from either £1, £5 or £10. Use your whiteboards to help you calculate the change before choosing the coins!  

Option 2

If you don’t have access to a device or you’ve already spent quite a lot of time on a device, you can use your answers to Friday’s activity and draw the coins you could use to make each amount.

Option 3

Alternatively, you can practise these skills by completing textbook page 59. You all have a textbook in your home learning packs. Sorry Primary 4 but absolutely no calculators to be used – you don’t need calculators when you are so good at using number lines!


Let’s practice spelling today! This week’s spelling pattern is ‘oa’ in the yellow box. There are a few activities you can do to help you learn this spelling pattern:

1.       Dot and dash the sounds in the words.

2.       Use Lego (or sweets – look at Ms Fraser’s tweet for inspiration) to build each word.

3.       Write sentences which include your spelling words. Challenge yourself to include some ambitious vocabulary and maybe even an adverb (silently, excitedly etc).

4.       Create an activity of your own.

I hope you all have a great Monday!

Miss Prentice


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