Tuesday 31st March

Good morning P4 and a very happy Tuesday to you all! Tuesday’s are our art and PE day – maybe you’ll get creative today or join in PE with Joe Wicks! Here are your intended learning and activities for today. Remember there are many other ways you can be learning and if you choose to measure different amounts by trying a new recipe instead of doing a textbook page then that is okay! This is still learning and you must do what works best for everyone at home!  


We are now going to move on to using different strategies to  subtract numbers. There is a lot of different vocabulary for subtraction including take away, minus and find the difference.

In school, we have learned how to use a number line to subtract 2 digit numbers. Some children are able to use a number line to subtract 3 digit numbers. I have attached a photo of how to use a number line to subtract numbers.

Some children moved on to using column subtraction or chimney sums as they quite like to call them so I have attached a picture of this strategy too. Please do not worry if your child does not recognise this strategy – please encourage them to use the number line instead!

Subtraction strategies

Your task today is to try page 11 in your textbook. Please use either a number line or a chimney sum as appropriate to answer the questions. If this is a little too tricky, I have attached a 2 digit subtraction worksheet instead. If you are up for a challenge, try page 15 in your textbook.

2 digit subtraction


Today, I’d like you to focus on responding to different types of questions to show your understanding of a text. Please choose one of the reading comprehension activities that are inside your home learning packs.

Remember to read the text carefully and continue to look back at the text to ensure your answers are accurate.

To be successful you need to ensure your answers are correct, your answers are in sentences and you have given reasons where appropriate.


Take care, try your best and know that I am missing you all very much.

Miss Prentice


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