Tuesday 5 May – P3

Good morning P3!

As it is a short week there are some changes with home learning this week.          Everyone is going to be working on the the same theme – Water.  That is very lucky for P3’s because we are learning about water experiments this term!  I wonder which activities you will choose from the grid?

If you are looking for some other things to do then why not try some of these:

  1. Drop a single drop of food colouring into a glass of water. Don’t stir or shake. Just watch what happens. (It’s called diffusion.)
  2. Use a medicine/eye dropper to drop water onto a coin, one drop at a time. How many drops will the penny hold before the water spills? (The answer may surprise you!)
  3. Try the same water experiments as No 2 with water that has a little detergent in it.  Did you notice anything different?
  4. Try the same thing again comparing the heads and tails sides of the coin.  What happened?
  5. A lump of clay. Can you change its shape to make it float?

There will be no new spelling words this week but I have still posted the “Guess my ingredients” challenge so I hope lots of you will have a go at that.

Miss Fraser 🙂

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