Primary 4 HL Grid – WB 25th May 2020

Good afternoon,

I hope you have had a nice week and managed to spend some time in the sunshine! Well done for successfully making it on to Teams. Most of the children have managed to ‘check in’ successfully and it looks like they are enjoying having a channel to chat to one another.

On Monday, I will add new channels to our Teams to allow learners to share their home learning. I will post another video guide to explain how to do this.

Many thanks for your continued support and patience as we move on to using Teams. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions. I can be contacted by e-mail through the school admin account or on Teams in the ‘Ask the Teacher’ channel.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Prentice

P4 School Closure HL Grid WB 25 May 

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