P1 Home Learning

08.06.20 – 12.06.20

For the penultimate Primary 1 Home Learning grid we are asking you to explore ideas related to ‘maps‘. You might choose to spend the week as a pirate on the hunt for buried treasure or as an intrepid explorer uncovering new worlds.

Your main task is to explore your local area and to try to build a mental map of where you live. You could learn local street names, visit local areas of interest or think about the different ways you can travel around close to your home. The grid has some different ideas to get you started but, as always, you are welcome to follow your own interests. We’d love to see the creative ideas you come up with on Journals/Teams.

Have a great week!

What a week! The learning you have shared with us this week has been amazing. Lots of creative thinking and beautiful drawings. Here are some of the highlights:

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