Building Resilience – Back to School Tips

For those of you returning to school today, we can’t wait to see you and we hope you have a great day!

We are going to be posting some more Back to School tips each day for the rest of the week. We’d love to hear which tip has been your favourite.    

Back to School Tip #8: Get Active – Keep going, or get started 

It’s proven that physical activity boosts our sense of well-being.  

Your Child: If your child started to be more active during lockdown, think about how this can be continued. If not, what small steps could you encourage? Be curious about what may interest them and plan how they could try something new.    

You: A lot of us were more active, individually as well as together as a family – playing games, going for cycle rides and walks together. We will have noticed the benefit; plan how you can keep these activities going.   

Together: As lockdown eases we can benefit from more exercise outdoors and reduce family screen time and online activity. Remember little rewards to yourself and family can help establish a good habit!   

For more information about going ‘Back to School’ and supporting your own and your child’s wellbeing visit: 

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If you have a child who is starting or returning to school this term you can find lots of helpful tips to help get prepared in the Building Resilience – Back to School Tips booklet.

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