Building Resilience – Back to School Tips

We have loved being part of your journey back to school. Today we are posting the last of our ten tips. We hope you will still be able to benefit from them over the coming term. Developing resilience can help us cope with the ups and downs which may arise.  

Back to School Tip #10: Have a Goal – A new journey starts with a step…    

Your child: Talk to your child about what they would like to learn or get better at by the end of this term, such as a sports skill, a new hobby, being able to cook something, dress themselves, etc. 

You: Think about something positive you can start to do or keep doing when your child returns to school, e.g. start a new class, exercise, meet a friend, complete a home improvement project.   

For more information about going ‘Back to School’ and supporting your own and your child’s wellbeing visit: 

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If you have a child who is starting or returning to school this term you can find lots of helpful tips to help get prepared in the Building Resilience – Back to School Tips booklet.

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