March Update

By Valene We are growing potatoes and broad beans as part of our Living and Growing topic. We found out that they only need water and sun. We also discovered that they do not need mud to grow.

Lights, Camel, Action!

This week our infant classes have been performing their version of the Nativity story. All of the children worked incredibly hard to memorise lines, cues, dance routines and song lyrics. When the music cut out during our dress rehearsal to the school, our children demonstrated true perseverance (a Roseburn Value) and continued singing without music.Continue reading “Lights, Camel, Action!”

P2 Update

By: Valene P2 have just started rehearsing the Nativity, ‘Lights, Camel, Action’. They have had lots of fun doing it with P1 and P1/2. Mr Carson, Mrs Simpson and Mrs Thirgood helped make the play and everyone’s very good at it. Everyone at Roseburn can’t wait to see it as we have been working veryContinue reading “P2 Update”

P2 Update

Written by: Valene In P2 we have been learning about the months and seasons of the year. We made a calendar wheel to match the months to the season. In art we have been learning to use wax crayons to blend colours and to create autumn pictures.