March Update

By Lucy K This month P7 have been writing stories for the BBC Radio 500 words competition. All of our stories are very exciting! The competition deadline is the 8th March 2019 at 7pm. We have been working very hard on them and hope to win a prize! In art we have designed a book […]

January Update

By Lucy K & Lucy W P7 have been making a presentation about World War II to share with their parents and carers. They really enjoyed working in cooperative groups to make their presentations. At the sharing event there will be information on:          The beginning of WW2 The Battle of Britain […]

P7B Update

By: Lucy K & Lucy W This week P7B made a fabulous collaborative art display of London in the Blitz, as part of our topic on World War 2.   We used printing to make this art display and used templates to print the buildings. We had fun doing it as we haven’t really done […]

P7B Update

Written by: Lucy K and Lucy W Last week P7 went to the Poppy Factory. In the first room, there was a pretend solider from World War 2 and he was very loud. It was really fun and interesting to see all of the different artefacts to help us learn about our history. We also […]

Our Week in P7B

Written by: Lucy K & Lucy W P7B are learning about the culture of Diwali. We loved learning about the story of Diwali, especially the story of Rama and Sita. Lottie and Ingrid came to our school and showed us how to make masks and we decorated them. Thank you so much for your help! We got […]