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P1/2 Update

By: Max L We had an alien crash landing on the P1/2 whiteboard and it couldn’t breathe oxygen. He sent us a letter and we made him some friends, with the help of Miss Calderon. We designed planets for the … Continue reading

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P7P Update

By: Elliot P7P have been doing gymnastics in our PE lessons. We have been creating routines in pairs, learning how to do different rolls and jumps and thinking of interesting ways of moving forward to reach the end of the mat. … Continue reading

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P7B Update

By: Lucy K & Lucy W This week P7B made a fabulous collaborative art display of London in the Blitz, as part of our topic on World War 2.   We used printing to make this art display and used … Continue reading

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P2 Update

By: Valene P2 have just started rehearsing the Nativity, ‘Lights, Camel, Action’. They have had lots of fun doing it with P1 and P1/2. Mr Carson, Mrs Simpson and Mrs Thirgood helped make the play and everyone’s very good at … Continue reading

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P5F Update

By: Joseph & Logan On Monday 19th November, we went on a Wildlife Ranger trip to a clearing along the Water of Leith. While we were there, we created leaf art in our ‘table’ groups. We got the chance to play tig … Continue reading

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P3 Update

By: Charlize & Olivia We went back in time to Ancient Egypt…when all of a sudden there was a flash flood that left behind this black stuff! The black stuff grew crops, like wheat and grapes and other things. Then we … Continue reading

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P4 Update

By: Finlay We went swimming for the first time at James Gillespie’s High School and we have been put into our different groups ready for next week. In the pool, we blew bubbles and swam on our front and back.  … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

This week we have been learning lots about being kind to others and being thankful for all the things in our lives which make us happy. We have been busy making cards, baking for our thanksgiving snack, and sharing with … Continue reading

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P7B Update

Written by: Lucy K and Lucy W Last week P7 went to the Poppy Factory. In the first room, there was a pretend solider from World War 2 and he was very loud. It was really fun and interesting to … Continue reading

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P7P Update

Written by: Matthew Recently in P7P we have been learning about the history of the poppy and WW2. To do this we visited the Poppy Factory where we talked about rationing, fighting and even got to make some poppies and … Continue reading

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