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March Update

By Valene We are growing potatoes and broad beans as part of our Living and Growing topic. We found out that they only need water and sun. We also discovered that they do not need mud to grow.

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Primary 6 Homework – February to April 2019

Primary 6 Home Learning Wall – February to April 2019

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Primary 1 Homework – February to April 2019

P1 Home Learning Feb

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P5F Home Learning

P5 HomeLearning Feb P5 Spelling Word Activities

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P5M Home Learning

P5 Home Learning P5 Home Learning February to April 2019 Spelling Activities      

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February Update

By Cillian & Max We are all learning about position. To learn about position we first looked at pictures and talked about where the fox was positioned – like ‘in the bush’ or ‘next to the house’. We drew some … Continue reading

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February Update

By Valene We have been learning about multiplication. We are learning how to multiply using rows and columns. These are called arrays. Mr Carson showed us this with green dots on the board.

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February Update

In maths, this week, we learned about measurement in cm, km and mm. In literacy, we learned about poems and we wrote our own poem about the school using Scots language. In religious and moral education (R.M.E) we are learning … Continue reading

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February Update

By Lucy K & Lucy W In Art, we have been learning to weave. We had the choice of either doing a beach or a countryside landscape. We have had fun doing it as it is very relaxing. It’s difficult … Continue reading

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February Update

By Finlay In ICT, we have been learning about algorithms. These photos are of us using algorithms to program our friends to make a jam sandwich. It was really fun to make them.

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