P7 Camp – Lagganlia

On Monday 24th April P7 went to Lagganlia. We were taken there by coach and spent the whole 3 hours talking and laughing. When we arrived, Lagganlia was absolutely covered in snow. As soon as we arrived we got put into our dorms and got ready to meet our instructors. The groups were our houses. Each house was shown the borders of Lagganlia and also how far we could go in our free time. Lagganlia had catered breakfast, lunch and dinner for us for the whole week. In our free time we had a MASSIVE SNOWBALL FIGHT and even the teachers joined in, after that we went inside and we got a hot chocolate and a sweet treat before we went to bed.

On Tuesday we got ready for breakfast and had our room inspections. After that we met our instructors and we started our ADVENTURES.

Over the week the groups did the following activities:

Murrayfield: snowboarding, hill walking, canoeing, abseiling, rock climbing, gorge walking and archery.

Belmont: cross country skiing, gorge walking, an adventure walk, archery and kayaking.

Glendevon: skiing, gorge walking, bouldering, abseiling, canoeing and mountain climbing.

Ravelston: cross country skiing, abseiling, gorge walking, mountain biking and canoeing.

On Friday we got back on the coach and headed home. It was an amazing week for Primary 7. Thank you to Lagganlia’s staff and instructors, we appreciate everything you did and we will hope to see you soon.

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