P6M visit Edinburgh Zoo

This term P6M kicked things off with a trip to Edinburgh Zoo to study the ‘Cycle of Life’.  We were keen to make sure we saw lots of animals and learned lots of new and interesting facts.  As we were early we got to watch the meerkats and penguins and were amused by their behaviour. The zoologists from the Education Centre took us on a tour of the zoo stopping to explain the characteristics and mating habits of some of the animals.  We were all keeping an eye out for the animals that we had researched and given our talks about.

One of the animals we learned about was the Buff Cheeked Gibbon.  They have a very special mating song that they sing in the morning and at night. We learned about how they are born, grow, start puberty then become adult and how the cycle starts all over again.

Back at the Education Centre we talked more about how animals change and watched a short video about how animals develop in the womb and how they are born.

After lunch we visited the pandas  but it was a chilly and windy day, so they didn’t want to come outside to say hello and stayed in the enclosure. We were lucky to see the penguin parade before returning to school.

This term we will be learning about how humans mature, grow and reproduce. Many thanks to Edinburgh Zoo for having us, and helping us start this new journey of learning.

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