P6M go to outer space

  Generation Science ‘Space Base’ workshop visited P6M at Roseburn Primary School on Wednesday. As part of the Edinburgh Science Festival, they turned our school hall into outer space. Their team of scientists set up a planetarium and primary 6 were taken on a whistle stop tour of our galaxy. We got an up-close look […]

P6M visit Edinburgh Zoo

This term P6M kicked things off with a trip to Edinburgh Zoo to study the ‘Cycle of Life’.  We were keen to make sure we saw lots of animals and learned lots of new and interesting facts.  As we were early we got to watch the meerkats and penguins and were amused by their behaviour. […]

P6M A New Term

Primary 6M have settled back into school and have been getting to know Ms McKay.  We have been working on our novel study ‘The Girl of Ink and Stars’ by Kiran Milllwood Hargrave (a new children’s author). It is about an adventurous young girl who dreams of exploring the island Joya that she lives on.  […]

Making Poo!

As part of our Healthy Body, Healthy Mind topic we were getting to know what happens to food inside our bodies; a few of us were slightly horrified! In groups, we recreated the digestive system using everyday items from home to be able to test the affects of water on digesting food. Some groups ‘drank’ […]