Tuesday 24th March

Good morning P4.

As promised, here is some intended learning for both numeracy and literacy that you can use to help you structure your day if it helps. The aim of this is to help and I’m trying hard not to overwhelm anyone. If you have made other plans that suit you and your family better then I am more than happy for you to use them!


Yesterday I suggested using a textbook page to revise adding two digit numbers. Today, why not use your addition skills to find the missing number in sums, like we did in class last week.

Possible activity:

Use the dice in your pack to generate two 2 digit numbers. For example, if you roll a 4 and a 5 you make 45 and if you role a 6 and a 2 you make 62. You can also use a random number generator online instead of dice if you have access to a device.

Make a sum like this one using your 2 digit numbers:

? – 45 = 62

Now use your addition skills to add 62 and 45 to find the missing number. The missing number in this sum is 107.

If this is too tricky, begin with just 1 digit numbers. If you’d like more of a challenge, why not roll the dice 3 times to make a three digit number instead.

We did find this quite tricky in class, so take your time and don’t worry if you’re finding it challenging. Use your 100 square to help or make tens and ones using Lego if you have some!


This week in spelling we are learning the ‘ow’ sound in the yellow box! You will find a copy of the spelling words in your home learning pack.

Choose 7 words from the list – you guys are pretty good at working out which ones are the right level for you. If you have access to Lego, practice building the words using one colour for consonants and another for vowels. Remember to join the bricks together if two letters only make one sound. If you don’t have access to Lego, use your whiteboards to dot and dash the sounds like we do in class.

Pick a fun activity to practice your spelling words. You could try making a word search for someone to solve or why not practice your words by writing them in rainbow colours to brighten up your day a little.

Take care

Miss Prentice


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