Wednesday 1st April

Good morning P4! It’s April Fool’s Day – I hope you haven’t got too many tricks up your sleeve for today! At least no one can trick me with a box of ‘Brown Es’ like they did last year – absolute rascal!

I noticed quite a big drop in the number of people visiting the website yesterday. This makes me think that maybe you guys were needing a bit of a rest day and I hope you enjoyed a lovely day with your families. I’ve tried to make today’s activities a little different to mix things up a little!

I know you’re all big fans of SumDog so I’ve set a SumDog challenge for you all to try. I’ve included lots of the skills you have already learned this year.  If you would prefer to stay off of a device, try some of the problems in the maths problem solving booklet instead. Also, I’ve attached this month’s maths calendar as I know some of you enjoy solving the problems! 

1st Level April Calendar

We have loved reading, The Wizards of Once this year. The author, Cressida Cowell has been working with Book Trust to create online books, games and videos to keep you busy whilst schools are closed.

Take some time to visit the Book Trust Home Time website and try some of the activities. I enjoyed listening to Cressida reading and also watching how to draw some of the characters from The Wizards of Once.

Missing you all (and Squeezjoos!) very much!

Miss Prentice

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