Thursday 2 April – P6

Good morning P6.

I hope you are all keeping healthy, staying safe and being kind to yourselves and others.

By now, you should have nearly completed your autobiography. This would be a good time to read over them to ensure you have included capital letters, the correct punctuation, paragraphs and to ensure that it all make senses.  I saw some of them before school closed and was very impressed with the amount of detail you were putting into them. I loved seeing the photos you brought in too – how innocent you looked!

Please make sure you share your hard work with your family. Perhaps you could quiz them on a section to test their understanding? I would love to see an excerpt (a short passage) which you can share with me via the admin e-mail or twitter.



Remember to keep your autobiographies. Who knows, this could be you one day? What would your title be?

Missing your smiling faces,

Miss Dickson


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