Thursday 2nd April

Good morning P4!

Can you believe it’s almost the Easter holidays? I hope some of you have decided to enter the egg decorating competition on Twitter – I’m looking forward to seeing your entries! 

I am super impressed at how many of you entered the SumDog competition yesterday! This ends on Friday morning and things are very close at the top of the leader board! Remember, accurate answers are key so take your time and use your whiteboard to help you do any working out!

Here are some intended learning and activities for literacy and numeracy to keep those brains ticking today!


Today, let’s create a text of your choice. So far this year, we have focussed on different genres including play scripts, imaginative stories, poems and fact files. You may choose to create one of these or something different, like a letter to a relative or a friend. Before writing, think carefully about what your text will need to be successful, for example, a poem needs to have short lines and may include similes!

If you would like some inspiration, visit Pobble 365 online and have a look at the wonderful pictures to inspire you.


Today, let’s continue to work on subtraction. You can choose which strategy is best for you – pictures of strategies are available on Tuesday’s blog post.

Today, use your dice or a random number generator to create either 3 digit or 2 digit numbers, depending on how confident you feel. For example, if you roll a 6 and a 4 you can make 64 and then if you roll a 2 and a 9 you can make 29. Then subtract the smallest number from the biggest number using your preferred strategy.

You can choose to do this or to continue the SumDog challenge – you may wish to do a little bit of both!

Have a wonderful day!

Miss Prentice

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