P4/5 and P5 Home Learning 27th April 2020

Please find attached the weekly plan for the week beginning Monday 28th April.

There are suggested learning activities for each curricular area, as well as resources for maths, spelling and reading at the bottom of the pdf.

There is a message from Mrs. Denvir about your German tasks at the bottom of this post.

Mr Carson & Mrs Scott

Guten Morgen Klasse vier/fünf! 

This is a reminder of the German task that was on your home learning grid this week. I hope you have been able to play some of the games!

 I can name family members

You will need internet access to complete this task

Use the website, www.linguascope.com  – the password and username are on your German home learning sheet in your pack

Go to Level 1, meine Familie und Ich, Die Familienmitglieder ( my family and I, family members)

Go through the games as we do in class – Introduction first, then play the games in order. Please play at least 6 but you can do them all if you like!

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