P1 Home Learning

27.04.20 – 01.05.20

This week our theme for learning is your sense of smell. This is the first sense we develop – even before we are born! Sometimes when we catch a familiar scent, it can remind us of other times, people and places we have experienced. Try to be more conscious of all the different smells and aromas around you. Both Miss White and Mrs Thirgood said their favourite smell is freshly brewed coffee and Mrs Denvir chose the smell of freshly cut grass! What is your favourite smell?

Here is this week’s learning overview. If this doesn’t work for you, you could consider putting together a mini project on the 5 different senses, in any creative way you choose. As always, we will give you more guidance on the Literacy & Numeracy throughout the week.

We look forward to seeing your Journal updates. Have a wonderful weekend!

Primary 1 have blown us away with their home learning efforts this week. We have had children practising their writing, learning to tell the time, doing science experiments and thinking about the sense of smell, to name just a few activities. Thank you so much for updating your Journals – we really love it when you share your activities with us. And please remember, the activities we send to you are just our suggestions of the types of things you might like to try – only you will know what will work for you at home.

We miss you all dearly! Take care.

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