P1 Home Learning

18.05.20 – 22.05.20

Are you ready to explore sense number four? This week is all about your sense of taste. Hopefully, you are in for a yummy, scrummy week of exploring your taste buds. Our challenge for you this week is to try something you have never tasted before…or even more daring is to try something again that you have decided you do not like. Our tastes change as we get older so sometimes there are things we didn’t like when we were young that we love to eat now, and vice versa.

Did you know..?

  • You can’t taste well if you cannot smell. These two senses are very closely linked together.
  • Your tongue is made up of 8 different muscles that intertwine and work together.
  • Your tongue-print is as unique as your fingerprint.

As always, there are many different suggestions on the Home Learning grid to give you ideas. These can be used or adapted as you require. As always, please just get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.

Don’t forget that Monday is and Edinburgh Holiday so make sure you take a break and are being kind to yourselves.

There has been lots of amazing learning this week, including some blindfolded taste tests, sorting and ordering toys and sticks in terms of their length, learning to squeeze the juice from oranges/lemons and some super writing about taste preferences. We have loved seeing families exploring their own interests and sharing their activities with us through the Online Journals. Also, some of our Primary 1s took part in a world record breaking attempt for the biggest art lesson!

Thank you to all of our P1 families. We appreciate all of your effort in these incredibly difficult circumstances. We miss you all so very much.

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