06.11.20 Nursery News

Last week the Nursery were discussing Article 3 and Article 17, answering questions and making thank you cards to take home for those we love and protect us from harm. Stories t included “For Every Child” a beautifully illustrated book which explains children’s rights through words and pictures. We also read “Guess How Much I Love You” and extended the story to a drama session emulating the words through our body language.

Later in the week we were dancing through drama. “Fireworks dancing” with coloured scarves, moving our bodies and learning new wow words as we moved to the lights.The children listened to the story of Bonfire Night and were learning all about Guy Fawkes and his gun powder plans. Some interesting comments “did he blow up the white house” .We discussed safety with fireworks and focused a lot on the days of the week. Art work using chalk, paint, play dough and sequins have made a spectacular nursery display on black card. The children enjoyed small group time sessions to mind map their learning.

Our mud kitchen had a makeover with the help of garden group volunteers working very hard, there was a lot of leaves and mud to scrape of the ground. We used big tools and lots of safety and we moved all the furniture around, lots of nice comments from the other boys and girls – it looks great!

The children have chopped, peeled, cored and stewed fruit and vegetables, painting with them and eating them. Following the process from ground/tree to plate and tummy! We continue to learn about light and dark, lots of focus on dark this week so this next weeks festival of light will be a welcomed change. 

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