‘All About Roseburn’ Home Learning Grid Week Beginning 22.06.20

For our final week of term we have our whole school learning grid. This week it is All About Roseburn. We hope that you will enjoy an array of  activities including various Scavenger Hunts, Guess Who and lots of other fun ways to explore the different areas of the curriculum. As is normal in ourContinue reading “‘All About Roseburn’ Home Learning Grid Week Beginning 22.06.20”

Nursery Home Learning Week Beginning 08.06.20

Nursery School Closure HL Grid – week beginning 08.06.20 t-t-7714-superheroes-counting-sheet-_ver_4 T-T-7877-Design-a-Superhero-Worksheets WRM – Supertato Nursery School Home Closure Topic Plan Summer week beginning 08.06.20 t-tp-1171-2d-shape-bee-picture-activity-sheets_ver_1 t-t-2547900-design-your-own-sunglasses-activity-sheet