P4 Update

By: Finlay We went swimming for the first time at James Gillespie’s High School and we have been put into our different groups ready for next week. In the pool, we blew bubbles and swam on our front and back.  For the Christmas Fair we are all in different groups learning about advertising, purchasing and spreadsheets.Continue reading “P4 Update”

P3 Update

Written by: Charlize & Olivia We got a letter from Tutankhamen and we have been studying Egyptians ever since. Now we know hieroglyphics. This is Egyptian writing and it it is like a symbol or picture. Yesterday we drew an Egyptian on sandpaper. 

P2 Update

Written by: Valene In P2 we have been learning about the months and seasons of the year. We made a calendar wheel to match the months to the season. In art we have been learning to use wax crayons to blend colours and to create autumn pictures.