20.11.20 Nursery News

This week we have been supporting anti-bullying week in the nursery, we have introduced our “kindness tree” to our children, the tree that can hear and see all kindness that we show to each other. All kindness acts and thoughts have been displayed throughout the week on the tree. Well done to our garden teamContinue reading “20.11.20 Nursery News”

06.11.20 Nursery News

Last week the Nursery were discussing Article 3 and Article 17, answering questions and making thank you cards to take home for those we love and protect us from harm. Stories t included “For Every Child” a beautifully illustrated book which explains children’s rights through words and pictures. We also read “Guess How Much IContinue reading “06.11.20 Nursery News”

Welcome back to Nursery

What a lovely week in the Nursery. It was lovely to welcome the children back and some new staff faces. This week we said hello to Mrs Singhal and Mrs Hanna. The children are very engaged and playing together beautifully. They have settled into their routines, especially in the dining room where they are servedContinue reading “Welcome back to Nursery”

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