The Gruffalo in Scots

P5 delighted us all with a fabulous performance of the ‘Gruffalo in Scots’ – a combination of group and solo dances, singing and thoroughly entertaining drama! Well done to everyone for all your hard work designing the backdrop and masks, learning lines, creating dances and singing so well. A grrrreat job!    

The Tropical Rainforest

Primary 5 are now learning about the Tropical Rainforest whilst also learning about note-taking and rewriting texts in their own words.  They are particularly interested in learning about the layers of the rainforest, the vegetation, animals, the climate and location of rainforests.  They  have been watching videos, reading books and researching on the internet to […]

P5’s Holyrood Palace Trip

Primary 5 had a wonderful visit to Holyrood Palace as a culmination of our learning about Mary Queen of Scots and impressed the guide with their knowledge and enthusiasm about the subject. They got to tour apartments where Mary Queen of Scots lived, saw historical artefacts that belonged to her and tried on clothes from […]

Welcome to P5

Primary 5 has settled well into the new academic year. Our first topic is Mary Queen of Scots and we plan to visit Holyrood Palace to learn more about her life there and have a chance to dress up in clothes of that era. We very much enjoyed our trip to the Book Festival where […]

P4 – Cooking

This week, Primary 4 have started to work on their Health and Wellbeing focus on how to cook safely and hygienically. With some excellent help from a parent who is a professional chef, we had fun measuring, chopping and mixing the ingredients. Last term we started looking at farming in other countries and now, in […]