P1 Home Learning – Week 1 Catch Up

Hi all,

We hope you are finding the daily emails useful and easy to follow. Here are the links to the documents that we sent you last week – in case you would like to refer back to them. Generally, each week follows the same pattern and so it should, hopefully, be easier to anticipate what you can fit into your day from now on.

Please remember that our key message is to do whatever suits you and your family best. If this structure isn’t working for you, there are so many life skills you could be exploring instead:

  • Learn how to recognise and write your full name – surnames are often tricky!
  • Learn your home address/ telephone number
  • Make a card for a neighbour to brighten their day
  • Cooking – how to follow a recipe/ weighing/ measuring/ chopping/ peeling/ mashing/ juicing
  • How to tie shoe laces/ do up buttons/ zip up coats
  • How to make a bed/ clean the house
  • How to change independently/ fold clothes
  • How to care for a plant/ pet

We miss you all,

Mrs Thirgood and Miss White

Numeracy & Maths

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