Picasso-inspired Portraits

As part of their topic on ‘Europe’, the p6 pupils have been looking at the work of Spanish artist,   Pablo Picasso. There were mixed reactions to his style of portraiture and the pupils found it very challenging to create portraits that did not look ‘realistic’. The results however were amazing and the pupils were delighted with their final pieces!


P5B Applying Their Learning in Maths

Primary 5B have been working extremely hard to apply their knowledge in maths.  They were learning about how to convert units when measuring.  To give them practice measuring they helped Primary 2 measure objects around the playground and then took these measurements and converted between metres and centimetres in their own classroom. They have developed this understanding by finding perimeter and area of objects. As an extra challenge they have found areas of triangles and irregular shapes.  More recently they have been solving a murder mystery using their knowledge of shape, coordinates, grid references and codes.

Edinburgh’s Old Town

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P1/2 really enjoyed their trip to the old town on Friday.  We went to Greyfriars Kirkyard and heard all about Jock and his dog Bobby.  We then went into Fishers Close and met Aggie the fishwife.  She told us all about her life and we sang some songs.  We also met some other characters who told us about living in Edinburgh long ago and we heard a story about the Nor Loch.  We had a great time and learned lots of information!

P3B – Edinburgh

P3 have been learning about life in Old Edinburgh. They created scenes of the High Street using chalk pastels and focusing on the visual elements of colour and tone. Their work showed the cramped tenaments, cobbled streets, washing hanging out to dry and people emptying their rubbish onto the street below shouting, “Gardyloo!”


The pupils then explored a technique called ‘overpainting’. Their original work was photocopied and then bits of it were painted over to change the look of it. The pupils added brightly coloured shop fronts, phone boxes, cars, busses and people in bold clothing to make the picture look modern.





photo(2)This year our Sustainability Groups have been centered around the 17 Global Goals. We have considered what they mean to us as a school and we have based our groups around them in order that they are purposeful and meaningful. This term our groups have been: Water, Ghana, Rights Respecting Schools, Equalities, Money and Finance, Endangered Animals, Life on Land and Below Water, Multifaith, Multicultural Play, Problem Solving, Press Gang, Poverty and Problem Solving.

The children have demonstrated a real maturity and enthusiasm for their groups and have produced some excellent work.