P1 Home Learning

25.05.20 – 29.05.20

This week we are finishing up our tour of the senses with the sense of touch. This is the perfect opportunity to think about how many different things you touch within a day…and realise why it is so important to keep washing your hands!

Your sense of touch allows you to feel temperature and pain so it plays a really important role in keeping you safe. Scientists find is really hard to study this sense because it is so complicated but you can give it your best effort…

Here is your Home Learning grid with some different ideas of how you might start to explore touch…but if you come up with a better idea then please share it on Teams to let your classmates see!

We have spent the last 5 weeks exploring each of our senses. We hope you have had a lot of fun with the different activities and have, perhaps, learnt a new fact or two. This week we have enjoyed seeing the pictures of you all trying to work out what is inside feely bags, playing with radioactive goo, sharing items into equal groups and lots of other excellent learning that arose from following your own interests. Well done, Primary 1!

You are all doing an amazing job and are a credit to our school. There are only 4 more weeks to go – you can do this!

Primary 4 HL Grid – WB 25th May 2020

Good afternoon,

I hope you have had a nice week and managed to spend some time in the sunshine! Well done for successfully making it on to Teams. Most of the children have managed to ‘check in’ successfully and it looks like they are enjoying having a channel to chat to one another.

On Monday, I will add new channels to our Teams to allow learners to share their home learning. I will post another video guide to explain how to do this.

Many thanks for your continued support and patience as we move on to using Teams. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions. I can be contacted by e-mail through the school admin account or on Teams in the ‘Ask the Teacher’ channel.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Prentice

P4 School Closure HL Grid WB 25 May 

Primary 4 Resources – WB 25th May 2020

Please see below all of the resources required in this week’s home learning grid. These should be accessible directly from the home learning grid.

Maths resources:

Fraction of Amount 1

Fractions of Amount Mazes

Fraction of Amount – Challenge

Fractions on Number Line – easier

Fractions on Number Line 1

Fraction on Number Line 2

Literacy resources:

Character Questions

P4 Spelling Words

Art resources:

P4 Art 25.5.20

P2/3 Home Learning 25.05.20

Hello P2/3,

Please find attached your HL Grid and support resources. I have also uploaded these documents in teams in the ‘Activties, Tasks and Ask Teacher’ Channel. If you click on files you will be able to see them.

Happy Learning!

Miss Arnot

Home Learning Resources Week Beginning 25th May 2020

Hello everyone, I will attach the resources here that are linked in the home learning grid for the week beginning Monday 25th May. As always there is no pressure to use these resources, they are there if you would like to use them to support your child’s learning. Do what works for you and your family at home. Thank you to everyone for engaging with Teams in the last week. This week I will add a sharing channel that will allow the children to share what they have been doing at home. I am looking forward to using Teams for this.

Maths: Time

Maths: Numeracy



Reading Comprehension: